Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Drama in Parkerville

This weekend Havanna and I went to San Antonio for my best friend's wedding. It was an adventure to travel alone with the baby, but I survived with only one notable moment of panic. My friend's dad dropped the little one and me at the airport and drove off. I reach in my pocket for my driver's license...and no license!! I assume that it is sitting on the passenger seat of the I watch it drive away.

Right about now, I'm about 2 milliseconds away from a full-blown panic. I start to call my friend's daughter's cell phone when I find the license in my other pocket. Deep sigh. Roll eyes at myself for coming so close to panic.

What is about going to the airport that makes you so paranoid about forgetting something?

On Saturday after Big Brother's football game, Havanna shared with us her latest trick...a good ol' fashioned belly laugh! I got it on video.

For those of you that haven't heard the FULL story, you'll have to call him yourself. There is way too much to type. The short story is that JJ is changing jobs. He left our local school district and is speaking with the neighboring districts this week. For now, he's enjoying a few days off from work and the absolutely awesome weather.

We are both very glad that the whole situation is over so that we can stop thinking/talking/stressing about it all. It really stinks that he was forced to resign. I am hoping that there is something better in the works...that would at least make this all make sense.



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