Friday, October 12, 2007

Is Fear a Factor?

Warning. This might be a little gross.
Parker, the wonder dog has had the WORST breath lately. It smells like he has been eating Parker Poo Sandwiches. I am sure those are a delicacy in the dog world, but they are not well-received here. We've tried getting special "breath freshening" treats but they didn't make a dent.

So last night, we were sitting in the living room and I was doing my usual job of "poking and proding" at the dog and I noticed he had something stuck between his teeth. With a little help from JJ holding Parker still, I look closer and get out the biggest chunk of stinky smelly who-knows-what out of this big gap in his teeth.

I have no idea how long this junk was in his mouth. Amazingly, now his breath is starting to improve.

JJ asked me if I would have eaten the smelly stuff glob of dog stink for $100,000. No way. He claims that he would. Brock said he would eat it for $100. (Kids. sheesh.) The thought of it all is still making me queasy. I settled on $1 million.

So until someone is willing to pony up a cool million, I will have to stick with the satisfaction that Parker's breath has improved. As a reward for being good during his dental torture, I got him a new squeaker toy. He's running around the house with it now.

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