Thursday, October 25, 2007

Little blessings

Sometimes I think we are given little moment of clarity. Moments when you are able to look back and see what is right and good.

JJ and I were talking today about getting a new puppy. A dog for the dog. Parker, our Jack Russell Terrier needs a buddy, someone to chase squirrels with, someone to sniff around the house and find every possible crumb on the floor. And hopefully, someone that will tire out Parker. Our logic had a tragic flaw. You should never make a decision like that when the baby is at day care and the dog is outside running free. That isn't reality...

Tonight, I sat on the floor with Havanna so we could have some tummy time. Of course, Parker sees that as an opportunity to bring me a toy so we could play Fetch-Tug-of-War. (That is when you have to wrestle the toy from him and then throw it so he can bring it back to wrestle again.)

Havanna and I had a few breaks from Parker's games. He found a cricket in the house that entertained him until he killed it. (Note to JJ: there's a dead cricket that needs to go in the trash. :-P) As I sat and tried to feed Havanna with one hand and keep Parker away from her with the other, I realized what a BAD idea it was to think about bringing another puppy home right now because THIS is reality.

We've hit that time of the year when it gets chilly at night. I think it's in the 40s right now. Brrr. It feels kinda nice though. I pulled out a pair of sweats that I haven't worn since Winter. I found $20 bucks in the pocket. Sweet! I love it when that happens.

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