Thursday, October 11, 2007

Having Patience...not sure where I found it.

I really do believe things happen for a reason. Really. It's a matter of having enough patience to reflect back and see the reason. Maybe I am eternally optimistic but here I am, writing a little piece that proves the point.

JJ went and met with another school district this morning and got hired in to a great position. He is a supervisor responsible for training and menu development. He isn't assigned to a specific school but will work with each school throughout the year. It's basically the job that the other school district promised him but couldn't deliver. When the whole drama boiled up, I kept hoping that there was a reason for all of this mess...and there was!

I am bursting with pride and happiness for my hubby. Congratulations Lovie!!

On a totally unrelated topic... you know those commercials for Dove deoderent where they tell you how it will make your armpits look and feel better? It really works!! I don't think it works as quickly as they claim but it I am noticing that mine look so much better than before. I am a Dove convert.

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