Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Blur

Has it really almost been a week since Thanksgiving? Sheesh. I think my finger is stuck on the FastForward button in life.

Thanksgiving was great. We went to my parent's house on Thursday morning and ate and then had a very relaxing afternoon. Mom and I decided to brave the crowds at Garden Ridge and I managed to find a whole bunch of stuff I probably didn't need, but bought it all anyway. Mom managed to find significantly less. It has all been put to good use. We stayed over Thursday night and made our way home that afternoon. Lovie and Son braved the cold and went to the high school football playoff game that evening. Stinkerbell and I stayed home and started on the Christmas decorations. We managed to completely avoid Black Friday. Well, sort of. Keep reading.

Saturday, Lovie and I decide to go to some antique stores to look at some corner hutches and armoirs. Son is spending the day with his mother and SuperNeighbor offered to watch Stinkerbell. It's just the two of us...feels weird, but we love it.

We hit 5 different antique stores. Really. FIVE. We picked up a shopper's guide at the first stop and it mapped out the other local stores. We bought little stuff here and there and saw lots of beautiful (expensive) furniture, and a lot of junk too. We hit paydirt at the last one. We found a great corner hutch and a HUGE armoir for less than the other places wanted for a single piece. Now that both pieces are home, we realize that furniture looks much smaller when it's in a huge warehouse than in your home with low ceilings. We still love them, but stand in awe of all of the wonderful "junk" they will hold.

Monday was SuperNeighbor's birthday. We met up with her family and some other friends at a Ft. Worth restaurant. The guest of honor was coming later so we got all set up while we waiting. There were flowers and a bunch of balloons on our table. (Thank goodness for their tall ceilings.) We watched through the windows until we saw her walking toward the front door. We quickly decide that we'll stand up and start singing to her as soon as she walks in. She comes in (cue the singing) and turns to her left (away from us) to look for us. She finally turns the other direction......uhh....not her. Stop singing. Sit down. Entire restaurant is laughing, along with us. Poor lady didn't even realize she was being serinaded. SuperNeighbor arrived about 10 minutes later. Undaunted by our earlier mistake, we sang for her (again.) It was a great evening. She loved the story about how she was replaced, temporarily.

I've joined a charity/social organization in my little local town. One of the annual events is the adoption of local families and buying the kids some gifts. I hoped from store to store last night and got it done. It was a little stressful because you know very little about the kids. It's hard to know their interests. Hopefully, the stuff I got for them will make their Christmas a little brighter.

While I was out "doing good" I went in JoAnn's craft mega store and found a little quilt kit. It comes with instructions and all the fabric, pre-cut. I've always wanted to learn how to quilt and this one seems pretty harmless. All of the pieces are square, no funny angles or curves. It is designed for sewing on a machine. Huh. So here is me. Buying a quilt kit. No sewing machine. Not a needle or spool of thread in the house. Good plan. (Um, Mom? Can I borrow your sewing machine?)

In the world of blur....I need to give a shout out to my to bro-in-law. Happy Belated Birthday!!


tenpounds said...

What a great life; you are blessed. You have a wonderful way of putting it on paper.

CR said...

Belated Thanks Sis!