Thursday, November 8, 2007

This fall weather is making me think about Christmas shopping. What is wrong with's like some organized, non-procrastinating person has taken over my body. Ack! It's only November 8. (Happy Birthday to Emma, by the way.)

I have been doing some online browsing for gifts for the BeeBee. Given this whole China/lead paint crisis, I have decided that she is getting a ball of yarn and a rock for Christmas. Okay, maybe not a about a set of measuring spoons? Basically, we're totally avoiding anything made in China. This year, it won't be a big deal because she doesn't really "get" Christmas yet. Next year will be a little more difficult.

Brock, in a most shocking turn of events, wants a new basketball and football for Christmas. This time, I actually support them as gift ideas. I usually give a huge eye roll because it seems that the LAST thing we need in the house is more balls. However, this year in basketball his age division uses the "official" sized basketball (not the junior) and his football was stripped of it's leather by our most favorite dog, Parker.

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This & That said...

Finding toys not made in China is huge challenge for a 5 year old who loves action figures!!

Think he could make his own out of yarn and paper clips???