Monday, November 5, 2007

New Toys, New Games

So today I was wandering around thinking that I'd have nothing to blog about. Parker and I went for a walk today and it gave me some thinking time.

This evening, JJ and Brock were playing catch in the front yard with the football. For a little while, it was just a game called "throw" because neither was doing very well at the catching part. Brock then decided to punt the ball, right in to the tree. The tree was much better at catch. They need a new game.

We got a new toy at our house. A new TV. A very big new TV. So far, the channel still seems to be stuck on ESPN, CNN and Fox News. Before too long, it will be PBS Kids. Clifford the Big Red Dog will be ginormous. Eventually, we're going to put the tv over the fireplace, but there is some minor construction that needs to occur first. For now, it is on the corner of the fireplace hearth. It's kinda hard to miss. ;-)
Havanna was in a funny mood tonight. She was very giggly. She was sitting on JJ's lap, holding her toes and kicking her leg out. Brock thought it was pretty funny and mimicked the pose. Hehehe...he's going to hate this blog when he's older. :-)
This is Havanna and her slobber-proof photo album. You can tell by her face that she takes her chewing very seriously.
Well, there you have it. For those of you that are still awake, I guess I did find something to blog about.
Tomorrow I'll try to do something more interesting. The dishwasher has a funny smell, maybe it will catch the house on fire. Now THAT would be interesting.

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