Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Half and Four States

Today is Stinkerbell's Half Birthday. She's officially a Half.

She's so alert and is really thinking about talking and crawling. Today she got up on all fours and was looking around. As soon as she lifted up one hand, she fell over. It's progress!! :-)

I had to go on a short work-trip to the Washington DC area this week. I flew out on Sunday morning and went to my friend Bridget's house. She works in Philadelphia and lives in Delaware. I flew to Philly and drove through a bit of Pennslyvania and Maryland on my way to Delaware. It was so beautiful along the way. The leaves on the trees are just amazing. I tried to take some pictures along the way.
Bridget's House in Delaware:Bridget's lawn had a few leaves scattered on the lawn. I think they thought I was a little nutty for taking a picture of their lawn, but I couldn't resist.

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