Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We got the Christmas tree and the rest of the decorations up on Thanksgiving Weekend. Stinkerbelle didn't really seem to notice. She's happy as long as she can sit on the floor with her toys and have PLENTY of room to wiggle around. Still not really crawling, just a lot of "skooching."

She's still a very good baby. Lots of smiling and an occasional laugh. She still gets the most entertainment from watching the dog.

Stinkerbelle has become quite the drool monster. Drool and boogers. There is a never-ending flow. I should come up with some sort of use for all that drool...

I'll bet if I bottle it and say that it removes wrinkles, like some sort of youth serum, I'd make a fortune! Or, maybe enough to pay for a gallon of gas?

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