Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Red flags stink.

We were delayed a few days by our city inspectors. They came out on Wednesday and "red flagged" us on a couple of minor framing things and didn't inspect the plumbing at all.

Call drywallers. Can't start on Thursday as planned. New start date: Friday.

Lovie and our neighbor fixed the framing issues Wednesday night so we are ready for the inspection on Thursday.

Thursday - no inspectors. Eesh. Call dry wallers. Can't start on Friday. New start date: Monday.

Friday - no inspectors. Are you %&!@# kidding me??

Monday - Now we have to fight dirty. We meet the inspector at the door with Baby M in hand. She smiles and coos for him. Poor sucker. Never knew what hit him. He was hit with the Parker Charm! We pass. No more red flags.

Interior view looking over the future island toward the pantry.

Exterior view of the new patio and door. (You can see the same door in the picture above.)

Interior view - standing in the new pantry looking out.

Interior view with the big island. The range will go where the red ladder is now.


tenpounds said...

You keep a wonderful sense of humor as you put up with all the delays of construction. By the looks of your pictures, though, it will be worth it all!

Cheryl said...

Two weeks!