Tuesday, November 4, 2008

News Flash: Two foot mermaid spotted on land!

Stinkerbelle has a very generous Aunt Kiss that mailed her this very cute Mermaid costume all the way from Florida, because that's where all the Mermaids live! It meant that Mommy didn't have to go shopping for a costume!!! Yeeeaaaa!!

We went trick-or-treating to one house, our next door neighbor that used to babysit Stinkerbelle.

Her favorite part of the holiday was sliding on the slide in her front yard. She didn't really know what candy was so there wasn't any whining when I wanted to "share" her candy.

The costume kind of restricted her climbing abilities so we didn't stay dressed up for very long. The costume is now in the "Dress Up Box" collection to be saved for when she discovers the magical world of Disney movies and Ariel the Mermaid Princess.

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krawley said...

She's such a cute mermaid!