Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our befallen friend, er, tree

Stinkerbelle has recovered. She has a runny, snotty boogery nose but no fever. Yeaa!!

One of our trees met its demise on Friday. We've always hated this particular tree because of the huge amounts of droppings it creates each fall. Not just leaves, but these feathery wispy branches that suffocate the yard, pile up on the roof and clog up our gutters. Well, if we HAD gutters, they would clog them up!

Our neighbor's son came over and chopped it down for us. And Saturday night we had a little bonfire in its honor. The stump is still there but it will be gone soon.

We're going to plant 3 new happy for each kiddo. So don't go gettin' all tree-huggy on me.
We also got windows and doors installed. And plumbing and electricity. This week we'll have an inspection done and then we can schedule drywalling and insulation.


B. Barker said...

What kind of tree did you kill, I mean, cut down?=) And what "happy trees" will you choose as its replacement? Just curious...

Marci said...

We cut down some sort of cyprus tree. No one was able to identify it properly. Not enough ed-u-macation, I suppose. I am not sure what we'll plant. Something that turns pretty colors in the fall. :-)