Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rough Roof

Our first two weeks of construction went so smooth. Contractors showed up on time and worked hard! We had concrete guys, plumbing guys, electricians, framers, roofers, dumpster delivery guys, porta-potty delivery guys, and probably some others that I am forgetting. Great progress, great service, everyone is happy.

Yesterday began week three of construction. Roofing materials onsite? Check. Roofers? Roofers? Hello? Roooooofeeeeers? Hmm. Okay, no problem. We're also ready to measure for cabinets. He's supposed to be here today too. Um, yeah. He called and rescheduled. Plumber? We can schedule the plumber so he can come and do the next step. He's booked all week. Our "smooth sailing" project has come to a screeching halt.

The roofers are supposed to show up today (Tuesday.) We're hoping to get back on track today. So far, no sign of them. The cabinet maker is supposed to be here today too. The plumber has us tentatively scheduled for tomorrow.

How I am doing with all of this? Great. Just great. I just LOVE having no kitchen. I love washing dishes by hand. My butt seems to love eating out every night. It is rewarding me by g-r-o-w-i-n-g. Not exactly my desired outcome.

Oh! Parker dog just went nuts barking. I think that means the roofers have arrived! YEEAH!!

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tenpounds said...

I so click with your sense of humor! By the looks of your construction plans, it will be worth it all!