Friday, February 13, 2009

Not expecting any volunteerism award anytime soon.

Is it possible to get fired from a volunteer position? Sadly, I might be testing that theory. I am the newest recording secretary for a service organization in my community called the Aledo AdvoCats. Great organization. Yesterday we had our board meeting where I was recording the minutes, hence my title.

Today, I had a break from work and decided to type up the minutes and I can't find my notes. I have like 13 copies of the meeting's agenda but not my notes. In the car? No. In the kitchen? No. In one of the many piles on my desk? No. No. No. I'd like to blame this on Stinkerbell. Maybe she came in my office and took them. I wouldn't put it past her. She wasn't very happy when I left for my meeting yesterday.

I called and then emailed the woman that hosted the meeting at her home. I'm hoping she found them. In the mean time, I wrote up the minutes from my memory. Sigh. Not a good start.

So, if any of you find some lined notebook paper with a bunch of notes in red ink, those are mine.

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