Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Dirt Pile = Big Fun

I took this picture to offer some perspective on just how much dirt we had in our lawn. That's Michael, our neighbor, and Stinkerbell on top. Four (4!) dumptrucks full of dirt.

Michael got of the school bus Friday afternoon and immediately dropped his stuff and wanted to start playing. Stinkerbell was right there with him.

Since the dirt was "clean" it was perfect for crawling and running around without shoes and sliding on your bum.

On Saturday, our friends and neighbors pitched in to help use all the dirt. (Actually, the neighbors used the dirt too.) Do you know how many Dodge 4x4 trucks it takes to pull a tree stump out of the ground?




So now we have a smooth dirt lawn and a giant tree stump (roots and all) sitting in the front of the house. We're waiting for the stump to dry out and then I think we'll be having a heck of a bonfire.

They worked until dark and then we ate a Valentine's dinner of steak, potatoes, asparagus, salad, and a Black Forest cake for dessert.

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