Monday, February 9, 2009

The Life of the SAHD (Stay-At-Home-Dad)

Shhh. Dad's taking his nap.

Brockstar is lying around eating junk food. (see the traces of chocolate on his face?)

Stinkerbell is on the loose in the living room.

And Squiggles is unattended, sucking on a carrot.


tenpounds said...

I had such a good laugh at your captions under each family member's picture, especially SAHD and Squiggles unattended with a carrot!

Your kitchen is breath-taking! You will have many years of enjoyment cooking and entertaining in such a happy environment.B

Cheryl said...

Beautiful - and can't wait to see it with the curtains up (and the cushioned window seat, as soon as it finished it's remediation stage).

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is that with chocolate on his face? I totally don't recognize him. I think he might be able to take me if I start an argument with him...I guess I better choose my words carefully next time I get to come out.

Marci said...

That is the man-child. He's 5'10"! He's still a pretty good kid so I don't think he'd do too much damage to you if you two battled.