Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Parker Polar Bear Club

Many of you know the craziness of my husband, whom I refer to as "Lovie" on this blog. He keeps me laughing and sometimes can shock me with his silliness. He did it again.

We had a water main break in our town and so we had a couple of days where we'd have little or no water for a few hours during the day for repairs. On Thursday, Lovie was shaving and showering and only got the first part done (the shaving) before the water pressure went to a trickle. He still needed to shower.

"I'm going to jump in the pool."

"Are you serious? Hold on, let me get the camera."

(Notice my concern for him jumping in the pool when we've been having below freezing weather.)

He jumped in and jumped out about as fast as someone his size could move. We don't have a thermometer for the water but it had to be in the 40s. Brrr!! He said it made his heart hurt when he hit the water.

Did I jump in to? Uh, no. I'll just be stinky, thankyouverymuch. For now, Lovie is the only member of the Parker Polar Bear Club.


tenpounds said...

Your Lovie is pretty amazing! Few would have the courage to do something like that--only threaten to!

Your new home is beautiful. You will have many happy years in your very family-friendly home. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed pictures. (What kind of cabinets do you have?)

Marci said...

The cabinets are Knotty Alder with a clear finish. I am proud to say that Lovie did all of the finish work on them. A cabinet maker built them and he finished them. They look awesome.

tenpounds said...

I thought so! They are the same as ours! When I saw the pictures your mother sent when you had (I believe) the Kensing reunion, I was speechless! Some of our cabinet fronts are glass but most of them are the knotty alder. I am looking forward to seeing your kitchen completed. You've thought of everything!

Ross said...

I'm crying foul!!!!! I see sunshine in the pool pic!!!! A real man jumps in the Parkers pool in January, somewhere around 1am! when it is actually in the teens!!