Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Pellets, Boots and Delays

Here's our little six month old girl. She has a new nickname...Squiggles! It fits her giggly, gurgly, squirmy personality.

Stinkerbelle got some super cute pink boots at the rodeo. She couldn't wait to try them on and wore them around the house and outside. She has this funny heel-toe walk that she does when she's wearing them.

(Look at those skinny little legs. Where did those come from?)
It's really cold here right now. This morning it was 15 degrees. Brrr. It rained ice pellets all night and they cancelled school. For most people, that means that you stay inside, or at the very least, you bundle up and go outside. That is unless you are my Lovie. In that case, you run outside in your sweatshirt and boxers and run around like a crazy monkey.
(I think I found the source of the skinny legs.)
You also get your equally crazy son to participate although he apparently got the "wear pants when it is cold" brain cell from his mother.
The icy weather is working against me. We got a call today from the granite people that they would not be able to install today. They rescheduled us for Friday. It's supposed to be back up to 60.


Stephanie said...

uhm...glad nothing fell out of those shorts!

thE family said...

Your Lovie is sooo crazy!!!

Cheryl said...

I think I see where those skinny legs come from!

tenpounds said...

Squiggles--what a perfect nickname to go with the rest of the family's!

I was hoping to see your new counter top but will check in tomorrow and see if it is on display yet.

Your husband seems to be a real special guy!

Ed Bass--how about multiple adoptions!