Monday, April 6, 2009

A new look

Brockstar has a new look to reveal. Friday was a traumatic day for him. He got a haircut (which he didn't like) and braces (which cause him pain.) For now, we're letting him eat lots of milkshakes to try to counter the bad.

So far, he's doing okay. His teeth ache and he's hungry for something other than mashed potatoes and milk shakes. I have promised him some homemade soup...Sweet Potato and Jalapeno. I tried it at a restaurant and it was soooo good!

Here is sweet Squiggles. She was cuddled up in her favorite blankie, chewing on her hand. Where are those dang teeth??
Here's Stinkerbelle posing for her head shots. :-)


Cheryl said...

Poor Brockstar - hope he can return to eating soon.

Okay - so they DO look alike. I thought the one in the pink blankie was Stinkerbelle!

HumphreyFamily said...

Tell Brock that he'll survive....we all did! He gets no sympathy until he has to wear a headgear! :)