Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Goodies

Happy Easter from the Parkers!

Stinkerbell had her very first Easter egg hunt. Brockstar and Michael hid the eggs for her and she had such a good time looking for them. However, once she discovered that the eggs had CANDY (and other non-food treats) in them, she was less interested in finding the eggs and more interested in opening them.

We managed to keep her on track and she found all of them.

In all of our excitement, The Mom forgot to tell her about the Easter Bunny and how he hides the eggs. I guess she thinks there 's a very colorful chicken running around our neighborhood that lays M&M-filled eggs!!

Her favorite non-M&M treat was the sidewalk chalk. She created a series of masterpieces on Brockstar's basketball court.
After the egg hunt was over, we put all of the eggs in Lovie's giant aluminum bowl for a photo session will Squiggles. She was very patient as The Mom took about 50 pictures trying to come up with a couple of decent ones. Sigh. I need a fancy schmancy new camera like my sisters have!
I guess this is now an annual tradition. Below is Stinkerbell from last year...same bowl but with more eggs.

"Okay. Enough already. I'm outta here."

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HumphreyFamily said...

Get yourself the fancy camera--you deserve it! :)