Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A plague upon thee...

I suppose it was bound to happen. Everyone one we know has been hit by it already this year. The "bug" that is going around has hit our house. Lovie and Stinkerbelle are down with it. Stinkerbelle was running a fever of about 102.6 this morning. Tylenol seems to bring it down and she is still eating and sleeping well. So that means no trip to the doctor yet.

She is crankier than usual, but that is not saying much. This is the kid that is so very rarely cranky. Times like these makes me realize just how spoiled we are to have such a good-natured stinker.

Lovie went to the doctor this morning and got a shot and 3 prescrption meds. He's feeling better but "disconnected."

So far, the Big Brother and I have managed to escape the bug's grasp. Hopefully that trend will continue.


tenpounds said...

peeEnjoy your blogs so much. Glad Lovie and Stinkerbelle are on the mend.

tenpounds said...

I don't know why the preface of "pee" was on the comment; it was not from me!