Friday, January 11, 2008

C'mon...Hang out with us. We're so exciting

What's the name of the guy that falls asleep and wakes up and years have passed?? Whoever he is, I can relate. I feel like time has zoomed by and I napped and missed it.

Christmas and New Year's have already passed and it is 11 days in to January. Um...did someone hit the "fast forward" button?

Here's the highlights of the holidays:

Christmas was quiet and intimate. Mom and Dad come over on Christmas Eve and spent the night. We got to bed at a decent time and got up

We made a crockpot omelet that cooked overnight. There was enough food for an army so we shared it with the neighbors across the street.

Stinkerbelle was awake and happy and like opening presents. She didn't really understand it all but she LOVED being surrounded by toys!
She loves toys that sing and light up when she touches/shakes/eats them.

Parker dog got some new chew toys for Christmas. He had them destroyed in about 2.4 seconds. Sigh. Stinkerbelle thought his toys were pretty cool too. In fact, it is a constant battle to keep the dog's toys out of her hands (and mouth!!)

Stinkerbelle has learned to crawl. And now she is learning the very important phrase, "no no!" Although, so far she seems to think it is all a big game. When she hears the phrase, she stops and looks at us with a big smile and then continues whatever she was doing. What a little devil. Where does she get that?? (Don't answer that Mom.)

After Christmas, we went for a road trip down to San Antonio to see my friend, Rebecca and her husband Darryl and we saw Lovie's grandmother and uncle and family. It was a nice little trip. On the way down, we stopped at my grandparent's house for lunch and some stretching/wiggle time for Stinkerbelle. Overall, she was very well behaved on this trip. This picture is Stinkerbelle and her Great-Grandmother Rena.

Gram and Hey Dad (my parents) watched Parker dog while we were gone. Gram taught him to stay off the furniture. He's a smart dog...for other people!!

New Year's was fun. We made it to about 12:30 before we collapsed. We hung out at the neighbor's house, toasted the new year and went to sleep. Wow. Don't you wish you could hang with us?

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