Monday, March 2, 2009

Old Friends, Clean Clothes, and Empty Wallets

Last weekend, my college roommate was in town from Kentucky. Well, she was close enough to my town that we decided to meet at a halfway point - Waco. We met for lunch and visited a local museum that had some cool kid-friendly hands-on exhibits. It worked out perfect. Our girls got to play and play and play (until they kicked us out at closing time) and we got to catch up. It was a great trip.

Stinkerbell and her lost big sister?

The last week has been fairly uneventful on the Parker scale. The exterior of the house was painted and it looks great. It's not dramatically different from before, just a nice clean look.

Brockstar's "playroom" is a basketball court. The rim was installed and he plays out there whenever he gets home before dark. His baseball team had a tournament this weekend. I snapped a picture of him in his uniform so we could remember what it looked like clean. It will NEVER be this clean again. Who selected white pants???

In a grand gesture, I am opening up my wallet and handing it over to the orthodontist. Brockstar had a consultation with the orthodontist and it looks like there will be a brace face in our house. I tried to convince him that he didn't need a pretty smile because we have a pretty kitchen to pay for but he wasn't convinced.

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tenpounds said...

I remember well the "braces days." Even Ron donned them for three years at the age of thirty-five. He broke the ice for the three (out of four) children who followed him!