Thursday, December 18, 2008

The sinks are here! They're really here! And we love them!

They were worth the wait. The granite people come on Monday to do measurements and then we get to go to their warehouse to pick out our slabs. We'll probably take the little sink with us so we can visualize the colors and how it will all come together.

Here are the cabinets - pre-finish. We have LOTS of drawers. 26 to be exact. I know because we had to haul them all outside to be sanded and finished.

Here they are with their first 3 coats of lacquer plus some sanding. Now they're ready for their last 3 coats. I will have to post some more pictures later because now all of the cabinets are covered so that the walls can be primed.
Progress is good.


Cheryl said...

The sinks are beautiful! I coudln't quite picture what they would look like, but I like them.

tenpounds said...

Great sinks! Your kitchen will be so beautiful! I enjoy the pictures (and writings!) you post of your daily life. You are truly blessed.